Take Your Playtime to New Heights with Dommei, Incredible Combination Kit!

Welcome to a whole new level of playtime excitement with Dommei's revolutionary

Combination Kit! This extraordinary kit includes the Backpack and Window Space, along with a

variety of toys, connecting tools, and a creative display board. Get ready to elevate your playtime

experience as you express your individuality and unleash your imagination. Join us as we

explore the brilliance of the Combination Kit, where every user can enjoy a Dommei backpack

tailored to their unique desires!

Innovative Design Ideation:

The Combination Kit was created with a bold vision in mind – to provide users with the ultimate

solution for arranging and showcasing their toys during playtime. After extensive exploration,

the ingenious " Grooved pegs" solution was born. This design features special hooks and

transparent leather straps that securely attach toys to the main board without causing any damage

or requiring modifications. This ensures that your toys remain in pristine condition.

Streamlined Window Arrangements:

Gone are the days of struggling to arrange your playtime windows. With the Combination Kit,

customizing your displays becomes effortless. The transparent connection tools provide a secure

hold, allowing you to create visually stunning arrangements that showcase your toys in all their

glory. Express your style and passions with flair, as you arrange your windows to reflect your

unique personality.

A Backpack Like No Other:

The Dommei Backpack is not just any ordinary backpack – it's a true companion for your

adventures. Designed to cater to your individual preferences, the Backpack becomes a canvas for

your creativity and a reflection of your imagination. Whether you're an intergalactic explorer or a

marine enthusiast, the Backpack is there to carry your dreams. Its ergonomic design ensures

comfort and practicality, while its customizable features adapt to your ever-changing playtime


Toys on the Go:

Never be without your favorite toys again! The Combination Kit enables you to carry your

beloved toys wherever you go. The Backpack offers ample space to securely store your toys, so

they can accompany you on your grand adventures. From prehistoric dinosaurs to futuristic

spaceships, your toys become loyal companions, always ready for playtime fun.

Unlock Your Creativity:

The Combination Kit takes your playtime experience to new heights by including a whiteboard

option. Use this interactive element to unleash your creativity and bring your stories and ideas to

life. Draw, design, and decorate your toys and window space to your heart's content. Each

playtime session becomes a unique masterpiece, as you let your imagination run wild.


Dommei's Combination Kit empowers you to take control of your playtime like never before.

With the Backpack and Window Space, you become the curator of your own world, arranging

and displaying your toys with finesse and flair. The innovative "Grooved pegs" solution ensures

that your toys are safe and sound, ready for exciting adventures by your side. So, embrace the

freedom to play with ease, fun, and personalization. Dive into the magic of the Combination Kit

and let your imagination soar as you proudly carry a Dommei backpack uniquely crafted for you.

Get ready for hours of thrilling play and exploration!

The "Dommei Combination Kit" is available for purchase on www.dommei.com.